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Scripps System ™

Pharmaceuticals Anti-Diversion Solutions

Inventory Management, Storage, Automated Dispatch & Analytics System (Patent Pending)

The Scripps System ™ integrates pharmaceuticals security, storage, and inventory serialization management into a single platform solution. This patented platform system allows healthcare providers to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies while meeting all their compliance requirements. Regardless of scope or size, with the Scripps System™, you can achieve superior, predictable business outcomes.

Imagine… a fully connected controlled substance storage, automated dispatch, inventory management and analytics platform across all business units and vehicles. Integrate disparate systems, streamline operations, reduce costs, turn data into action and eliminate narcotics diversion risk to 99.9%.

Substantially reduce diversion graphic

Covert Video Surveillance

Prevent Narcotics Diversion (Patent Pending)
Access Audits

ScrippsSafe has developed the only covert camera system for a secure enclosure to prevent unauthorized entry and to protect your narcotics from diversion.

Traditional security cameras are easily defeated and can be seen or manipulated. They are also a threat to patient privacy and potential HIPPA violations.

The Shields™ platform is a covert video surveillance system within your secure narcotics enclosure. This system can be added to any walk-in vault or safe.

The system works with the Shields™ platform NVR (network video recorder) with PoE switch (4TB) and is fully network ready.

Meet Your State Pharmacy Board
Constant Supervision Requirements

Auditable Security System for Secure Exclosures

The Scripps System™ Platform provides an end to end complete DEA compliant medication management security solution for your facility. From your central pharmacy to your outpatient clinic Scripps System™ integrates all your narcotics safes/vaults to a central administrator with optional video management security and analytics software. Many state laws now require your facility to have constant supervision of all controlled substances and their flow from delivery to patient. Stay compliant with medication adherence guidelines and stay safe with Scripps System™.

Turnkey System

The Chief Pharmacist will have the ability to manage permissions and access across the entire pharmacy narcotics workflow. Permissions can be centrally managed, audited, revoked and issued across each of the narcotics vaults. The central administrator will have 24/7 administrative supervision and audit control backed by video technology.

Pre-Integrated & Tested

The Scripps System™ integrates all these components to work together to significantly reduce the risk of internal diversion, tampering, narcotics substitutions or theft.

Growth is Easy

When your needs grow so does your system. Seamless turnkey future growth and expansion make growth easy at minimal cost. Whether you need to add one vault to the new surgery unit or inpatient facility, your plug-in security system easily expands.

Compliant Monitoring Technology

The Chief Pharmacist now has the ability to monitor all flow and usage no matter the day or time.

In compliance with many new State Laws and Federal law, the Chief Pharmacist will have constant supervisory view over the entire pharmacy narcotics workflow with the Scripps System™ platform’s covert digital video camera system.

Extremely Discreet

Scripps Safe Covert Camera System has a pinhole lens for extremely discreet surveillance. Custom designed to be installed inside your safe/vault and within your access control system to virtually disappear from view, with only a small pin hole visible externally.

Installed at eye level it’s ideal for capturing perfect face shots—even when a person is wearing a hat or hood. This system will capture the identify of all users, and monitor what is placed inside and removed from your narcotics safe/vault (s).

Scripps System Implementation

Quickly deploy the Scripps System™ controlled substance security system into your environment to achieve the desired outcome. Utilize the most qualified Scripps System™ team and experts with unparalleled support for on-site implementation of your solution.

Prior to implementation, our experts will review platform and application design, configuration, and performance to identify issues prior to production.

Our experts work in partnership with your system administrators and technical staff to configure and integrate the platform seamlessly.

Implementation Set Up Services may Include:
Initial set up and addition of users to the Access Control System (ACS) with roles, permissions, user ID’s and access codes.
Scripps SystemTM Platform training and use of ACS Management, Video Management System (VMS), Analytics (optional upgrade) and data storage (if applicable).
Integration with IT & Security systems.
Scripps Safe implementation team members are qualified to address the unique complexities of your industry. Our consultants bring deep expertise in controlled substance security, anti-diversion prevention and driving leading practices to protect your facility. Regardless of scope or size, with Scripps Safe implementation support services you can achieve superior, predictable business outcomes.

Patent Pending Technology

Stay safe and compliant with Scripps SystemTM .

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